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Happy Birthday to my lovely sister Sashia Jones!!!!! @itzsashia Is a person that gives so much of herself to others everyday and never asks for anything in return. These type of people are special and far and few between. Sash, enjoy your special day/weekend/month. I’m so blessed God brought you into my life. Blood couldn’t make us closer! #Security #Tyson #KeepinUpWithTheJoneses #IfItsYourBirthdayMakeSomeNoise | @dancewhitdee you’re the only one left there take care of her 👊 lol. Love you so much! 💃🎉

Happy Birthday @madscientist12! May your 30’s exceed your expectations! I pray God gives you the desires of your heart and continues to guide your steps each and every day. Cheers to health & happiness! Thx for being my friend in college. Glad I was cool enough now 😂! #30orNah

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