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Day 30: My family had a dinner for me today and it was great. So many people came through, and Eddie surprised me with a painting of my favorite bible verse! Handmade by our dear friend Stephanie! Can’t wait to to hang it.

This has been an awesome experience and I’ve been SOOO overwhelemed with it all. I want to thank Eddie for planning, coordinating everything. Definitely means so much to me. Thanks to everyone that participated, helped him coordinate, bounce ideas off, etc. definitely awesome experience.

Had a blast! Thx you Eddie —love you babe. Thx you all!


Day 28: I get a call at my desk to come to the front of the office. I heard the door open so I assumed it was a delivery of some sort for work. I get there and my coworker says well “I thought he was going to stay and give it to you but I guess not.” I look on the counter and see a box from edible arrangements. I assumed she was referring to the delivery guy and grabbed the box, opened, smiled and offer a few chocolate covered strawberries to coworkers and head back to my office. I’m in the midst of packing up because I’m taking a half of day and jet out the office. On the ride home I call Eddie thanking him for the gift as I’m devouring them while we are speaking. He says something that makes me realize he hand delivered them. I immediately say “WHY DIDNT YOU STAY SO I COULD SEE YOU.., WHAT THE HECK WEIRDO!” He’s like “cuz it didn’t call for all that”. 😒, I’m like “and I’m the weird one?!” LOL Definitely enjoyed the gift. Sooooo yummy!

Ttyl, Off to Miami! 💋 Besos 💋

Day 26: Date at the gun range. Luckily this wasn’t my first time shooting a gun. So I knew what I was doing for the most part. I had never shot a revolver before, kickback was a but much for me but I made it work. Eddie did well and I think was impressed at how legit I was. #BangBang #MyOtherGun #ExpectTheBestButPrepareForTheWorst #ColonelMustardInTheLibraryWithTheRevolver

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